Sifu with Grand Master Chu Shong Tin (second right), Si-Suk Chung Yau (third right) and Si-Dai Leo Lit at Si-Gong's studio in Hong Kong

Taken at Chinese Community Centre with Frank

Sifu with Grand Master Chu Shong Tin (right) at his studio in Hong Kong

One of Sifu Lai's students "Frank" was discussing the system of Wing Chun Kung Fu with a curious spectator at the Manor Festival in Summer 2002.

Frank was practising sticking hands with Sifu William Lai at the Manor & Castle Festival in Summer 2002

A dinner party at Chung Ying Kwok Chinese Restaurant in Birmingham after visiting to the Seni Show 2003 in April. (left Benjimen, centre Kris and right Sifu W Lai)

Relaxing on the lawn outside NEC venue

Luke and Dan practised Chi Sao

Dinner at Chung Ying Restaurant in Birmingham

5 Grand Masters from the East